.School Performing Arts Groups

Early Stage 1 - Stage 1
Infants Choir and Dance Groups
  run during school time - for information regarding 
  •  dance groups see Mrs Rhodes, Mrs Mujcinovic, Mrs Commens, Mrs Trainor
  •  choir see Mr Reeks.
Stage 2 - Stage 3
Junior Choir
       The repertoire for the Junior Choir is taught as part of the music curriculum in their Creative Arts lessons within the timetable for Year 3 and 4.
       Some children choose to be part of performances. (see Mrs Cherlin)
       Typically they would perform at:
  • The Hills Festival - Penrith Panthers Club in September
  • School Assemblies and Open Days

Senior Choir

     The choir rehearses before school on Wednesdays (Hall).  (see Mrs Cherlin)

       Typically they would perform at:

  • The Opera House for the DoE Choral Festival in Semester 2
  • The Schools Spectacular at Quodus Arena - last weekend of November
  • School Assemblies and Open Days
Recorder Group
  • In Years 3 and 4 students learn the Descant recorder as part of their Creative Arts lessons within the timetable. In years 5 and 6 the advanced group meets before school on Fridays, (Hall). They play Treble recorders and one student plays Bass. 
  • Some children from the Year 4 in class groups, join the Advanced Recorder players at their performances. Treble recorders are lent to students for the time they remain in the Advanced Group.
  • Students in Years 3 and 4 are required to provide their own Descant recorder (available the school as well as music shops). (see Mrs Cherlin)
       Typically they Perform at:
  • The Opera House for the DoE Instrumental Concert in Semester 2
  • At school Assemblies and Open Days
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Euphonium-Gary                    Concert Band wins B Grade                         Training Band 2017                                         Eric makes a big noise
  • The School Band is open to interested students in Stage 2 and 3. At the end of Year 2 students will have a chance to try reed instruments as well as brass, and recommendations for their future in the school band will be made at that time. (see Mrs Cherlin)
  • There are currently two bands: a Training Band and a Concert Band - both trained by Dr Steven Clark
  • Students may join at the beginning of any year while they are in Stage 2 and 3. 
  • There are costs involved for the payment of outside music specialist tutors and the hire of instruments (see P&C page, subcommittees - Band)
  • Training Band - Monday before school  7.50am for rehearsal at 8.00am (Hall)
  • Concert Band - Thursday before school 7.50am for rehearsal at 8.00am (Hall)
Specialist Tutorials (by instrument) - Wednesday lunchtime 
 Flute               Clarinet              Saxophone Alto Saxophone Tenor


 Trumpet   Trombone   Percussion   Bass Guitar   
      Typically they are involved in 
  • Performing for the  Assemblies (Concert Band)
  • Band Camp Day at Bundilla Scout Camp (both Bands)
  • Education Week displays (both Bands)
  • Concert for Year 2 and 3 prior to new enrolments
  • Talent Show - December (both Bands)
  • Open Days and Assemblies
  • Hawkesbury Eistedford 
School Musicals and Drama Nights
Each year students in Stage 3 perform for parents and friends in either a musical or a dramatic production. The rehearsals are held during their timetabled Creative Arts lessons.with extension rehearsals held for interested students after school on Fridays, for one or two terms prior to the performance. This performance is scheduled after the Opera House concert dates are announced. 
Dance ERA
The P&C run the ERA Program after school and one of their activities is Dance. This is taught by Mrs King.
More information is available on the P&C page, Sub Comittees, ERA
The Junior group would perform at school, while the Seniors would perform at the Hills Festival in September as well as school
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