Excelsior Public School is committed to providing the best possible learning environment for our students, the staff and and our whole community. Our students are provided with rich and varied learning opportunities by our dedicated and committed staff. We offer:

  • Current curriculum in all Key Learning Areas and cater for all learning needs from the learning disadvantaged to the gifted and talented.
  • A strong Learning Support Team which meets regularly and seeks to provide programs related to student need. We offer a Reading Recovery program as part of a suite of Learning Support options.
  • We have a strong support program to help students who's language background is other than English.
  • A staff that is regularly involved in Teacher Professional Learning
  • Excellent sporting program which includes:
    •  a quality school sport program K-6 covering the fundamental movement skills as well as team and game skills.
    • Primary Schools Sports Association competition which involves children being selected to represent our school in teams such as Soccer, Softball and T-Ball, Netball, Newcombe Ball, Touch Football, Cricket and Basketball. These teams play in an inter-school competition.
    • Outside providers add to the variety and the skills we can bring the children. These have included Taekwondo, circus skills, AFL, Soccer clinics, etc.
  • Strong extra curricular program which includes dance groups (K-6, Junior and Senior), recorder group, percussion group, Choirs (K-2, Junior and Senior) and our band program. Our students regularly perform at the Opera House for choir and recorder and also at the NSW Schools Spectacular. We also have a chess club that is very popular.
  • A wonderfully supportive and active parent community which works hand in hand with the staff to ensure we do the very best we can for the children. Our parents are involved in the planning and implementing of school policies and strategies and also the sharing of the learning opportunities. 
  • A strong student centred welfare program based on the "Positive Behaviour for Learning" model. We also stress the learning of cyber safety for our students.

Here at Excelsior Public School we have 3 strong focus areas:

  1. High Ideals
  2. High Expectations
  3. High Achievement

and we believe that all children can achieve these at their expected level.   

Our staff are up to date with current pedagogy and consistently undertake Teacher Professional Learning in order to maintain accreditation. Here at Excelsior Public School we are very proud of our student outcomes, our 21st century approach to teaching and learning and our nurturing and safe learning environment.

I feel very fortunate to be the Principal of Excelsior Public School.

Jan Sharkey 



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