A number of parents have been asking about 'safe' sites on the internet for their children to use for research at home.

The Department of Education and Training provides a safe portal to the internet for all students in NSW public schools. Access to the portal is given, along with an email address, to each child when they are enrolled in a NSW public school.

Children are either given a password at school (for younger children) or they can make one up to access email and login to the portal. They are also asked to make up a secret question to answer if they forget their password.

The portal for primary-aged children is called Kidspace and can be found at the following URL.


The portal has links to several search engines:

  • Google - The most popular search engine. This version is filtered by teh DET for kids. So sites that are not deemed suitable for children are filtered out.
  • Yahooligans - A kids website that has a search engine, "Ask Earl", which operates on questions being asked eg. "What is a lemur?"
  • Ask Jeeves for Kids - A kids version of the popular "Ask Jeeves" web search engine. 
  • Kids Click - A web search engine run by librarians for kids. It shows over 600 subjects with sub-headings to narrow searches.
  • My Library - Is the Kids Click site under a different name.

All of these sites are filtered by the DET and can be considered safe for your children. Please inform the school if you or your child happen to find an inappropriate site. The DET will be contacted to investigate the site.

Many people (children included) rely on Wikipedia for their information when doing research. It should be remembered that Wikipedia is an open site, that means that anyone can go to the site and add information or even change information. While most pages in Wikipedia have reliable information, overall, do not rely on its accuracy. Have children check other sites to verify information found on Wikipedia.

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