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About the P&C


P&C Executive Committee 2018

President - Sharon Evert

Vice President - Sarah Brennan

Secretary - Emma Heasman

Treasurer - William Han

The Excelsior Public School Parents and Citizens Association meets on the fourth week of the month on Tuesday evenings at 7.15pm in the New Learning Space. All parents and members of the community are welcome to attend.

The P&C is a group of interested parents, teachers and community members who are committed to working co-operatively to enhance the educational experience of children at Excelsior Public School. It is the representative voice of parents/carers with children at the school.

The P&C is currently involved in:

  • the development of fundraising activities to raise funds to support student learning
  • discussions with the Principal and staff to ensure P&C funds are utilised in the most efficient and effective way to support student learning across years K-6.
  • the development of effective communication strategies to ensure all members of the Excelsior community are informed and are able to play an active role in the education of their child/children.

Becoming involved in P&C activities is also a great way to engage with others and to foster a close and caring school community of parents, children and teachers. We are always keen to hear about any issues affecting your children as well as ideas for improving the school environment, activities for the school, and new fund-raising ideas or events that you may have in mind.

Joining the P&C

To continue our work, the P&C needs people with a range of experiences and talents who are committed to delivering great outcomes for our children and school.  The more people involved the more we will be able to achieve.

Membership is a nominal fee of $2 for the calendar year. If you would like to join the P&C, please come along to one of the meetings and provide your contact details to the secretary. Joining the P&C entitles you to vote at the meetings.

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